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Monday, November 26, 2007

Day 2 at SINGTEL christmas fair

Ahh...i must stop gushing!!

Elvin was looking into MY camera!!!

He's so cute lorrrrrrrrr

Red SINGTEL balloon in the sky

Orchard (evening)

23 hours and 45 mins of work. $190 only :(
Day 2 was better, slightly more busy.
Still had the time to go shopping at Tiffany&Co, Burberry and Gucci with Catherine. Haha.
Not skiving ok, we did it during our break.
Food provided was....hmm..bad. As usual.
Melvin (deputy director) was easy to speak to. He was sharing about his new car-Chrysler. Wah...fierce car! Before that he drove a Skyline. *faints* Then he went on saying nobody for him to drive around..haha.
Overall job experience: good
Overall work environment: very bad (the heat was killing me)
Overall people experience: fair (i dont like those young guys working there)
Overall rating: fair
Aiyo, i wanna shop. And get rid of those Taka vouchers. And dintaifung, jacks place, wisma, best denki.....the voucher list goes on. I need a new bag. Gonna get a durable one. But then i cannot shopppp. I shouldnt be spending :(
Woman's bday coming too...and many other good friends birthday in December. Gross.
Naz -> its over. liberation (: anyways, u missed out on some good christmas deals leh.