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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just when i thought my birthday is over..

"Someone" decided to give me a little surprise today.
I heard "someone" calling out my name at the corridoor...and i was frowning wondering to myself which postman will yell for me instead of knocking on the door. So i kept quiet till i saw your face. Haha.

Alas! Sneaky Nashon decided to drop by with my belated present.
I may not be good at looking out for details, but.
I seriously think that alot alot alot of thought and effort and money was pumped into this gift.
It made my day.
Its more than just beautiful.

I showed my Dadee and as he flipped the pages, he was mumbling "good, good" to himself.
He didnt even say that when i showed him MY photo album. Roars.

Wait, i go take my chiken essence.

Went jogging with lil' sister just now, ran for my life to clock in a lousy timing for 2.4km. Grr, i need to step it up man. The reason for today's jog is because of the bloated womb and painful boobs. I hate it when the sign of period is coming. Female woes.

But i see the reward. A healthier lung and a stronger abs. Tmr, i'm gonna eat my hearts out at the lunch date with Zihui (:

So anyways.
That, is from my schoolmate Nashon

I'm touched, I'm loved by all (:
New collection is selling well. Must thank Komui my model and Indran for his place/time. Its always a joy talking to him. 
I feel less anxious having a bit more money in my account.

You've no idea how fcuking ex braces is.
I'm paying nearly 4k all by myself.
Except for the op, whereby Dadee is using his medisave to finance it.
Then i need to finance 2 insurance i bougtht 5 years ago.
Finance my shopping.

Wow. I dunno if i'm financially healthy.
Maybe thats why Mum is pressing for me to start work next month.
But thats in like, 3 days :(

Yes, its finally on.
And im having problems biting, smiling, talking.
Not like i havent experience it all good.
For the better (:
Its the young and fugly braces-ed shanice.
Cheers to that, folks.
I need to complete 7 pages for customer.
Apparently the jogging, the milk, supper IS putting me to bed.
Hitting the sack.
Nights you guys.
Long wednesday for me tmr..

Sa'edah -> you, me, clown, batman, we rock (:

Angele -> i understand the photo bit, it totally blurred me up. but jerr lessenedddd my pain (: oh yes, i went crazy at SUPRE too. hahahahaha, weather's better at sydney as compared to melbourne cause there's wind :( i survived in slippers. haha. but i totally converted back to boots after that slippers-day. we need to catch up and have a game of squash soon love (: