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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Melbourne-Victoria [group]

I spend my birthday completing card orders.
Packing up my horribly messy table.
Scattered with metal boxes, papers, plastics etc.
Wrapping up the Victoria Secrets for spreers.

Yesternight's family dinner at Dian Xiao Er was good (:
I love my family!
Actually it was pretty bold of me to tell my Mum not to give me any more allowance after today.
Well, i am officially 22.
But i really need to catch up with my age as well.


Prolly we've gone closer and used to each other's company during the 2 weeks in Australia.
Learnt about each other's dirty habits.
Lived and let lived (:

Next up will be photos of: yours truly in Melbourne. Hope you're enjoying what you saw so far. I'm hoping to complete my travel log for everyone to see some day (in scrapped album format).