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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Melbourne-Victoria [mount buller]

me, pam in Long-Johns

Winter Sonata

View outside our window of backpackers inn

Jerrome praying to the hair-God :b

Holden chair-lift

New 6-seater lift (:


Buller Backpackers

Day 1 with not much snow coverage

Gearing up

Lost motorist on mt buller?!

Day 2 - snowing

Most popular Ski Resort in Australia.

Turn to today's Life! page 6 for more readings (:

My best snow experience in Australia.
Too bad we left just as the snow was getting better each day.
AUD600 was very much worth my time and money.
3 days 2 nights, not good enough.
More more!!

I remembered to stick out my tongue and taste the snow.
The kids were great on the snow.
Equipment was heavy though, dragged it out of our room to the mountain.

It was pretty blinding, everything was white and im skiing at a great speed down the mountain, snow and wind hitting my naked eye, then up on the chair lifts, start from the top, avoid humps and holes, fell down, get up, ski better after each fall, chair I love it. I'll pay to go back there next winter (:
Next up will be photos of us as a group.
Don't go away!