MMS Friends

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Melbourne-Victoria [yours truly]



Driving (:

Capturing memories.


Catching up with friends.

Seeing things i've never seen before.

Longest road trip ever.

Going "wah" at artitechtures, road signs, animals/animals they sell and geographical sights.
Frowning at my depleting wallet.
Stomach-turning experiences at restaurants (uber huge proportions)
Hiberating when the cold winds blew straight at my face.
Putting my hands near the heater everyday.


These are memories i wanna keep with me forever.

I lived those days. I did. Past sense already :(

Melly -> fisheye turned out great. But i wanna make gifts for those on my fisheye so i won't show you the photo just yet! :b oh yes, thanks for listening to my rant earlier on in the evening (:
Faith -> i knowww...people whom i thought wouldnt come, appeared all of a sudden. I'd rather you sit beside me than jerrome thats for sure. you're my oldest friend and you know i love you :b come, hug hug. haha. thanks for listening to me just now too, appreciate it a hell lot!