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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Paper Loft

The day kicked start with me rushing to Kovan to meet customers.
The $65 album is finally completed!
Another load off my mind.
Might upload photos here someday (:

A quick breakfast with family before rushing to Esther's church.
I asked to go because 2 weeks ago, i felt i needed to be near God again.
Enjoyed the service a lot.
Will attempt to be good instead of doing good (:

Thankyou Esther, for having me.
You dance really well! Hee.
Guess i chose the right time to attend your church service huh :b

Next, i rushed down to town.
Met Indran 30mins late.
Got my SF parfum after sniffing tons of brands at TANGS (with the help of this gay guy who was staring at Indran's chest haha!).

Went crazy at MOOKS yet again.
He got 2 absolutely gorgeous tees, i picked em (:
Quick lunch at N.Y.D.C before rushing to get his flowers for the main lead of a play.

Rushed back home, met teacher for follow up on the business plan.
Had prata, chitchat..discussion..

My weekend flew past just like that..
I'm tired.

I pray that i'll have more patience and wisdom.