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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

18 years of education

Not very happy at work after hearing some colleagues share their experiences in the HR department. Manager left me fully in charge of the new casual labour system (a lot of technical problems) while she flew off to Philippines for recruitment. She's suppose to train me. Yet i end up helping her with the alignment of confirmation letters on microsoft words because she dunno how to work it. Got "yelled" at by a security guard..when he's like a nobody, still dare to talk so loud to me. God knows what he is rumbling about. Sigh. The long hours are putting me to bed before 11pm. I'm tempted to leave my job and focus on my upcoming business. But as usual, my Mum wants me to have a stable income regardless of the politics/pay rate.

For lunch, i chose Fish and Chips. Brightened up half of my day.

Extremely tired.


Heard that results're out.
Pamela got awarded Second Upper. Expected i suppose.

And me? I'll wait patiently for my letter.
If i do well enough, i'll consider convocation and a nice graduation photoshoot with my family.

Its midweek tmr, gotta bring coffee/tea premix to keep me awake. I'm really falling asleep in front of my desk. Plus the fonts on my computer gets foggy and small after a few hours.

So there. I'm beginning to loathe waking up for work.