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Friday, September 05, 2008

Work Matters

Teegaar keeping me company on my desk (: Cute fella aint he!

Treza's furry pearls, haha..

View from S.C. gym


Lift up to 65th floor

Lobby of S.C.

Me & Hui Jun

Professional look(not) - Charlotte / Me

Stamford Crest Gym

HR Department (with Director beside me, A.Director bottom left)

Tried to be adventurous by using staff route to 65th floor. Got lost. 3 random colleagues (spa, room attendants) directed us there. Super confusing. Huge arse hotel. Or rather, hotels.

Happy to see Charlotte working in the same hotel as me (: She donated lots of cereals after i explained to her my pantry woes. Haha. Woke up earlier for breakfast at tuckshop with Hui Jun. Extra extra: My manager is back at work. "Holiday" is officially over. I think she likes me. I wouldnt say that unless i'm absolutely sure.

Thank goodness its Friday.

Sa'edah -> keep me informed when u get your grades k! (:

Angele -> well, ZH failed OT too but he got second upper. So its not that bad. I just hope i clear Monetary and Managerial Econs *sobs*

Melly -> supper didnt come true!!! :( So much to share..