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Friday, November 21, 2008

Debit / Credit

Workload - manageable (for now)

Stress level - gets tense but its positive stress

Lunch - realized i like to eat out. haha. maybe sick of home cooked food. unless Mummy is cooking.

OT - not at the moment

Boss - very nice lady. always ask me how am i coping etc. she didnt even ask the rest of my team. i think she secretly likes me the most :b

Team mates - the 25 year old girl is friendly. we like each other's company. but that 24 year old guy very ungentlemanly. quite a turn off.


Surprise call from Cheryl today. She had a lousy day (over at Melbourne). Ahhh..hope she comes back soon. I miss her :(


Did you see Maurice on the news? Disgusting. The reply was so "him". I rolled my eye.
Saw him the other day after work. I guess he's working at the CBD area too.


My website will be launched soon. I hope.
Rushing like a mad dog.
Lack of sleep to the max :(

Duckied / Angele -> yea..put braces back to get ready for my op next year (: