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Sunday, March 29, 2009

I forgot earth hour :(

Family trip to Red House at ECP and Lifetstyle21 at Expo.
Renovating our house soon (:
8.30pm: we were in the car.
So i guess we sorta took part in Earth Hour.
No need to use much lights in a car right. Haha.
I hope my maid switched off the lights at home.

Business is picking up once again.
Super busy.
When i have less than 10 items left in a collection, it's considered as successful.
Tallying payment and sending out invoices = drive me crazy!! :(

Motivated and excited at the same time for the next launch.
Hopefully on Sunday night because studio shoot is on Saturday evening.
Student package sounded economically-possible for the budget conscious me.
Light-meter/wireless trigger, reflector etc etc all thrown in for $55 ( per 2 hour session).

Pictorial entries.
Hope you're enjoying it more (: