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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Fish spa with J.
The weirdest feeling alive!!
Took me 15mins to sort of settle down.
Which means that i am left with another 15mins for 'treatment'.
Pretty effective!!
Think the fishes had a good time nibbling on my dead skin.

Shrek 4 is ridonkulously AWESOME.
If you don't watch it, you'll regret it :b

It's been a while since im happy.
And yesterday, i think i am really happy (:
Plus, someone bought me KOI in large cup & to dinner at Marutama (the egg was really flavorful!!).
I had my wax and massage done.
And i ran 3km the night before.

Good stuff!


2.55 maxi in matte gold chain is calling out to meeeee....
to go London or not to go.
June 13-25th.
With church friend's family.
They are frequent travelers there, so in a sense, i'll be well looked after.
That'll take up 10 days of my leave though.
Frustrations of being an employee.
I need more leave!!


Will update about the TRUE SPA spat another time.


Melly -> yeah! i called dine up. she told me. i needa pass her the f21 stuff. was the interview? i spend equal time with everyone! hahaha..i meet Faith more often than J actually. timings clash sometimes what to do :( next week will be super duper packed for me: launching collection..dadee's birthday..YOG training..birthday party..