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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Playing Politics

Sunday: KOI with J
Today: KOI with Angeline

Office politics are surfacing.

But we're gonna try to bond as a team & head to Nandos for dinner, tmr after work (:


Done with Faith's present. I know its a little too early but im excited to give it to you on quad date this Thursday!!


J has been sucha darling..
Helping me, almost immediate, when i request for something to be done.
I know i need to date someone who's better than me in terms of character & attitude & temperament because i want to be like that person too. I want to stop being a bitch.

Travel list:

1) Maldives
2) Europe
3) New Zealand
4) Korea / Australia (tentative)

Melly -> good stuff!!! :b