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Friday, June 04, 2010

15 hours [day 1]

6013 miles, here i am at Dubai airport.
7 hours of flight was torturous.
The man at the window seat was a smoker and when he breathes, OMG.
Even my lil sis who was sitting at the aisle can smell it!
It was like taking in HIS carbon dioxide throughout the journey.
Couldn't sleep well at all. I was trying not to rely on my sleeping pills.
This is economy class for you.

Too tired to take photos of the 2 meals on board.
Completed Case 39, Couple's retreat & How to Train a Dragon.
Shall conquer more movies.

Transiting to London (Heathrow) in 2 hours time.
The airport is not too bad.
Free wireless is all i need for survival.
Shall catch a good sleep later (another 7hours), and maybe watch Valentine's Day & Glee.
Inflight entertainment is good!

(back to replying emails..)

Melly -> i tried calling you before i fly, but i guess it was too late already. see you when im back darlin! xx

Angele -> when are u leaving? (: i'll share with you my experience here daily if possible..hehe