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Thursday, June 17, 2010

London [day 11]

Another 5643 miles, flying past Milan, Athens, Baghdad, am here at Dubai 4am for a transit at 7.40am later.
Happy to be at this airport because there's free wireless & a socket point to charge my mac.
Not happy cause there is pigeon shit on my couch. Weird right. Lazy to find Krisflyer lounge. Sister is fast asleep. we have about another 13 hours to go before we land at Terminal 1.

In flight meal was yummy,  and the man sitting beside us was very nice.
Watched Avatar & 7 things to do before i'm 30.
They had live screening of world cup on 2 channels. Awesome la!!


After cooking lunch, Su sent us off at Vauxhall station. Luggage was mad heavy. We were struggling a lot. Had to change at Green Park to take the Piccadilly Line to Heathrow Terminal 3. Imagine our hands all numb, shoulders aching, sweating after 90mins of endurance.

Managed to get our Oyster card refund, VAT refund & boarding pass done within 90mins. Quick shopping at duty free (i got these awesome Chanel tattoos & sis got some cosmetics, service was excellent). Crazy soccer fans were gathered around the flat screens before boarding.

Think i'll catch a wink before another 7 hours on flight to Singapore.
It's been 13 hours since we left Su's house.