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Monday, June 07, 2010

London [day 3]

Church service was awesome. Cute kids! And the adults were reaaaaallly pro-active.

Lunch at Chinatown, 20 of us. Yummy dim sum (:

Walked around Oxford, Selfridges and Carnaby before heading to Noelle's new apartment.
As usual, some Spain festival going on & roads were closed. Walked a fair bit today..

Was so clumsy in the kitchen while trying to help prep for dinner O_o
Noelle and lil sis keep asking me to go high street for shopping instead..hahaha
There were about 16 people on the guest list.
Pot luck, everyone bought yummy home cooked food.

Sky was dark by 10pm so all of us headed home.
Tmr's another long day ahead.
Wanna conquer Primark, Harrods and perhaps Covent Garden.

Total damage for the day: GBP10.55