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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

London [day 4]

Cold & wet day over here in London.

Woke up bright & early for Primark before heading to Harrods.
Everything at Harrods is so pretty! Very lavish.
Lunched at the food hall. Mad ex but mad satisfied (:

Got my Chanel large flap bag at Sloane's. Everywhere else was sold out. Took a long time on deciding between the lambskin & caviar. Super anal about the scratches and punctuations. So i think caviar was the better choice for me. Its weird, but i didnt particularly felt happy after making the purchase. My lil sis pointed out it was because i get everything i want. Spoilt brat?! No lor..i work hard for things i want..

Went home to have dinner, then it was Big Ben & London Eye (9pm, relatively bright still).
Wow. Amazing architecture! (:

We're heading to Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden and perhaps Bicester Village & Tower Bridge if time permits tmr. For now, i just want to sleep my day away!! Exhausted.
Total damage for the day: GBP40 (excludes Chanel)