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Thursday, June 10, 2010

London [day 6]

Windsor Castle -> Stonehenge -> Lacock -> Bath

Definitely a fascinating day! Lots to see, lots to learn, lots to snap (:
We nearly missed our bus in the morning, but God must have been kind. And so we hopped on the bus before they drove off without us.

Just had dinner and Frogs (yummy yogurt) with Venetia.
Visiting Trafalgar Square, Buckingham, Museum & Borough Market tmr.

It was a wet & cold day. It might be cold tmr ie. 14 degrees
Total damage for the day: GBP5 (day tour cost GBP72)

Its me -> are you faith?

Melly -> It was painful having to decide between the lambskin & caviar! :( yea! think i'll settle for PenII by the end of 2011. But my dslr is important for work as well. gonna get it fixed. Yay! France on Friday night! (: