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Friday, July 02, 2010

UOB Lady's Card

Mum's not too pleased with me applying for the credit card.
To think i was smiling with glee when i showed it to her.
White with red rose, so pretty lor!
She said she is going to increase the monthly allowance i give her.
Doesn't mean im rich what..i barely swipe my cards. I just like to collect them (:


Time to chop off my hair.
Tmr 10am, at Skizzors.


Work sucks seriously.
I really want to stop bitching about my team mates & just focus on being a good employee.
Angeline keeps me afloat at work. Thank God.


And so the story continues with me & J.
He said he's lost, not that he is ignoring me. And he is still holding on to some hope.

I really think i have to disappoint him again.
I used the word again because he hasnt given up.

Write in to Aunt Agony?
XJ is right, its been so difficult after Maurice.
Maybe subconsciously i'm hoping to find someone like him?
There's nothing fantastic about him, dont get me wrong..but im not seeking perfection.
If im after money, J has plenty to offer. But i guess im not after perfection or money.
Then what am i after?