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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

41 more working days to go

Lynn & Shannon take turns to send me home in the cab..buying me snacks.. (:
No point rushing to get out of office since its already past 9.

Claim system just got set up and i'm sucha noob.
Car pool better.
I can actually get used to calling cabs. HAHA.

I'm getting a hang of things BUT still not good enough.
Must press on!
Today was a torture because Teacher Lynn (my manager) is on leave.
And i'm left alone to die a slow death.

And all those jargon they use, surely sounds like greek to me.

Taking time off to attend my 1st consultation at SCT, 10am tmr.
I need this to be a walk over man.
TS representative, please do not turn up.
Wake up late, traffic jam, whatever. I need to win this.

Last saturday, during nephew Denzel's 1st birthday party.
I look tired. I am tired.
Or maybe i need to put makeup to conceal all the tiredness & flaws.

That's Jodi Picoult new novel: House Rules.
I'm on page 392 of 529.
Yeah, i read / buy all her books.
J's going to be unhappy. Because her Socrates Cafe is..erm..very well neglected by me.