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Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 1 [Settlements-Brokerage Business]

I'm depressed.

The internal transfer aka promotion comes with a hefty price.
I start work at 8.45am and end 'officially' at 9pm.
That was day 1 for me.
That's the nature of my new job. No more 5.30pm on the dot even if i chiong my work in the day.

The main air-con shutting off at 8pm, corridors cold and empty, all other departments knocking off..

I've never felt so lonely before..
Days with Angie & the other 3 tards seemed like heaven in comparison..

Like i said, i think God have the best worked out for me.
By putting me through this challenge, i think i'll end up being grateful for it in the long run.
Hopefully not that long a run..
Persevere Shanice!!