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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Heart pounding like mad please

I need a new pair of working shoes.
The current shoes is in a bad shape. Think: bruises, scratches & dents.


Anyways, I've decided to go ahead with making a claim against True Spa via SCT. I organized a meet up with 2 other members who wanted to go through this procedure with me. Individual claims of course but we sort of needed help with the forms & to get some advice from the rest who are already in the midst of it all. We'll support each other as witnesses etc. I felt empowered after hearing successful stories of the other claimants. But it will only be to my favor if i present a strong case backed up with tons of evidence. Gotta prepare my time-line and start on consolidating fact finds.


Operations core hiring. They requested for me & Angeline to go over and help them. But Euan said they can only take 1 as it'll affect whatever we're engaged in, currently. And so, very unexpectedly, we were called down for an internal interview this afternoon to meet up with the 2 managers and 1 team manager. See if they like us etc. That was 2 individual interviews, all in a short span of an hour. I was shaken so badly!

If Angie gets the offer, i'll be very happy for her because she's hungrier for this position. If i get it, i'll accept it as this will be a fabulous opportunity for me to learn more about trading, equities, bonds, derivatives, settlements related stuffs. There's so much room for me to grow & develop.

We have proven to be the best 2 in our team. Efforts paid off, thank you. Sei & Robert must have seen something in us. Everything we've worked so hard for the last 6.5 months have been recognized. Imagine how delighted i was when Euan broke the good news to us. Spoke to Euan for a good 30mins & everything kinda got me emotional..we spoke on a friend-friend level, everything that upset me while working with the other unmotivated team-mates just poured open like the flood not that equipped to deal with office politics. I can put on a brave (bitch) front, ignore the negatives, but truth be told, it won't go away even if I choose to escape. End of the day, it affects the synergy & productivity of our team. Shall skip the boring details here..don't think you guys are remotely interested. Heh.

I don't think its direct competition. She've her merits, i've my own merits. May the best man win! Jiayou to both of us Angie!!

Leaving all these into Jesus hands. He loves me & whatever that comes along the way, i know it's only for the best & nothing but the best (:


No more rough patch between me & Julia. We met up for coffee. Worked through it like adults. I am happy again (:

Also, my leave has been approved! This really calls for a celebration. Sei has been teasing me about being a good girl after approving my long UK trip back in June. Going to BKK with Sheryldine, her bf and her bf's bff from 16-19th Dec.

I cannot wait.


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Instead of asking me 'why', try asking me 'why not'.

Well, saw it on Peggy Chang's blog. Looks fun. Really.

I'm really open to making more friends. Networking is very important.
By the way, my highest match index with this guy called Russel Yong is 84.4%.
2 guys with a match index of 69% have requested to meet me for a meal.
I shall let these rot in my inbox, after all, there's a FEE involved. This online matchmaking system is obviously trying to make some money out of it. Join at your own risk!