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Friday, October 08, 2010

Noo Mooo Raaa

Nanbantei with the girlies last week (:


I really wanted to take part in the '100 hours movie marathon' held at Plaza Singapura. But i am late for registration! Ought to slap myself. $10,000 worth of prizes & a trip for 2 to Hollywood leh!


On a totally random note, creamy asked me if i was 'STILL SINGLE' last night. I gave you the chance, you gave it up. He is crazy like that.


Stinko's evil eye. Haha! As you can see, Fatso's trying to stay awake.

The ever-boring UK phone conference (Simon said he felt like he was talking to a phone because none of us responded/participated enthusiastically..we're staring at a phone..which is worst you tell me) LOL

 Video conference..its kinda like Skype..yawns..cannot fall asleep because Simon will be able to see us big and clear :(

 Really happy its over. Freezing chamber with an awesome view!

Ninja warrior. My Ninjump record is 11,600m ok :b

Stuck in vault. Not happy. Yeah thats a skirt i'm in but nothing's exposed.

Me & Angie cam-whoring. This week has been eventful. Tons of training, conferences & Web-ex with UK side.

Been running daily after work. Toning up. But tummy's not gone so i guess i'll've to start on some core workout. Signed up for SGX event, Bull's Charge (corporate banks event).

Go for it, Shanice!

it's me....- about 20 members keep in touch via mass emailing so we know whats the latest news. or how their proceedings're went etc. i merely consolidated the sources (: nothing to be proud of though..i just want my money back! sigh.