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Friday, October 22, 2010

Problem // Luxuries

Good point that Nigel brought up: enforce investigation on them through authoritative help. This will clear our doubt on the actual cause of SS liquidation and True Group Liability. I'm hoping the MP of commerce and trade will give me a good reply on this one.

MPs that happen to be on CASE's central committee are Yeo Guat Kwang and Lim Biow Chuan

I am mentally tortured by them the first day I put my signature on that oppressive contract with evil intention spelled in minute font. I can't allow them to go scot free. Mismanagement is their problem, we just want our spa services.

This will be the ongoing content of my blog for the next few weeks. Click on the x button if you wish to close this window.


Work is smooth today. Except they couldnt plump some (ok A LOT) trades out. I think its because i made a mess of the ultra-sensitive excel sheet. And she had to apologize to Fangling on my behalf because i was emailing some wrong figures to the middle office =/

Lynn bought me and Budi brownie to thank us for the hard work this week. Can't wait for Judy to be back next week (: Must aim to leave before 8pm, as i've 1 SCT consultation & MP session to attend!

Waited for manager to finish her work as she offered to send me home in the cab she booked. So nice hor (: Nice people exist..hehe..had a good chat with her. She is like some career woman! Her husband/son must be so proud to have sucha driven/capable wife/mother.

44 more working days to endure.
Shall go on a long holiday once this is over.