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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Things are lookin' up!

Dear All,

Watch this Youtube video on the so-called 'Entrepreneur of the year', Gerald Lim. They should interview him on his hideout games and cheating tactics now. This makes me seethe. The most sickening part is the word, 'tranquil' in the back drop. I nominate it as most hypocritical video of the century.


Much smoother work flow today.
And we managed to complete tasks by 8pm (:
I committed fewer mistakes as i managed to figure more logic along the way.

Lynn gave me a lunch treat at SU (korean cuisine).
And I came to realize that Budi is really humorous! LOL
He is really fast on generating contracts, when i'm done with 1, he is on his 5th one already. Tell me about it man =/
He is very helpful and kind to the blunders i've made.
Lynn is patient, giving me more responsibilities (and things to remember/learn) as each day past. I cannot let her down!

Think i must have been very blessed to have such good managers- Sei, Robert & Euan at my initial department. Now- Lynn, Petula & Pauline.
Sei came over at 8:20pm to knock off with me. Had a talk on the way & i feel so loved by my boss!! Hahaha, its true. He is so encouraging. And he said CDD welcomes me, anytime, any day (:

But this is almost like character building to me. Not to mention, flowering up my CV. I want to hang in there till 31st December.


16-19th December (flight & hotel) confirmed.
Can't wait to rock Bangkok with Sheryldine!! (: