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Friday, October 01, 2010

True Scammers indeed

True Spa spat: Subtle Senses (Ngee Ann City branch) ceased operations today. And Esther from Mediacorp News called to inform me about it. What a sad way to be informed of sucha huge news, why can't Subtle Senses inform us formally instead. They just called me yesterday to confirm my Saturday appointment. And now, they are closed? I think they'll hit the headlines soon, but for now, i'm more interested in finding out what is going to happen to all my pre-booked October appointments.

There are throngs of disgruntled customers heading to SCT and CASE but all they advised was for us to not sign anymore packages.WTH?!

The late deputy CEO of TS John Wee apparently had said that he had intended to sell off the business after 5 years and guess what... it's been 5 years. It's so clear now on hindsight - they went on a big sales blitz earlier this year to amass as much cash as possible and then pull out in Apr. I heard yesterday they closed down the Msian spa operations before SS came into the picture on the S'pore side. Makes me wonder too if they will do the same eventually to True Yoga and True Fitness.

A therapist told me that SS CEO Gerald Lim said to them recently that SS is servicing "20,000 TS members for free". Is he making it sound like they are doing us some favour? Have they forgotten who their customers are? Who fault is it if they were greedy about inheriting a database of 20,000 names and totally miscalculated how they would handle the load?

The New Paper/ST is going to follow up on another cover story & it seems like they 'understand that SS might be going bust soon'.
Wake up your idea TS, SS, whatever.
We've paid, so give us the service we deserve.
This is a serious scam case. If we're going down, you're going down with us too.

Its 15-20,000 members you're messing around with. Out of which i believe 95% are female. And believe me, we wont be sitting around..see you in court dickheads!!!

  • 2nd Oct 2010, The ST, Home section.