MMS Friends

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Lunch treat by Sei Seike, AVP of previous dept (:

Here's my pathetic seat at the new department. I wanted to demand for another joint-monitor (already pending...taking too darn long) but i get shy when i look at Daniel in his eyes. He is the IT guy..and super duper cute!! LOL come on, i'm just a normal girl who ogles at cute looking human beans (:

Victory isnt as sweet as it should be.
I rather True Spa rep be present so we can fight it out in front of Your Honour (she's a young lady referee who was very nice to me).
But it was a walkover.
And yes, I was awarded the Order of Tribunal.
Whether TS pays up or not, its secondary.

I'm at peace with myself because:

1) i won the case fair and square after 2 consultations and 1 hearing
2) the $936 'lost' can be considered as charity as far as im concerned

Celebrated by treating Yang Ming (fellow-victim-turn-friend, she was there as my witness in case the court ask to see her) and my department peeps to KOI (:


MSCI rebalancing.
Challenging period with high trade volume.
Lord,  please grant me strength and enough rest for the week.