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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

What a gift is Jesus!

The song we'll be performing for Christmas service (:
Come PLMC to watch me sing!! hehe


Monday was department lunch at Asian Kitchen.
Petula was so funny, she wants to help me process orders in January.
Tell Lynn to approve my leave first :b
Vice president leh..i won't dare to get her help. Haha!
Thanks for lunch.

Work has been relaxing this week..I got to leave after contracts and reporting. Yay me!
Manager 'dismissed' me from extra duties..OOPS!
She's scared of me..i traumatize myself at work sometimes.


I lost my bb cover. Sigh. Its the default and my favorite :(
Absent-minded much?

Robinson private sales tmr after work with Faith, her mummy & Xingyu.
Can't wait to load up on facial products by Dr Georgia Lee & lingerie from Triumph.
This month's expenditure is insane.