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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Daily Exposure

So pwetty!!


I was thinking, if I'd offered my seat (1st seat parallel to the bus) to the middle-age man, i would have been the one in hospital.  The bus which i was on this morning, got into a minor accident. A motorist came out of nowhere and the bus captain stepped on the break, causing a huge impact on those who were standing. A bit traumatized.Thank God!


Had a talk with my VP just after lunch yesterday..i requested.
I am so lucky my bosses are very approachable and humble people..
Seeking her advice on erm..human relation management..
I have a lot of good things to say about her although we do not have much contact in office.
She told my mgr I wanted to move around core ops, and she may take me away from the current team as soon as the opportunity arise (yay). But for now, i will support the team fully.

So sad. My job is good..i like what i do..but my manager is just not so easy to work with. She's nice on good us snacks..encourage at me..touch me..praise me..joke with me..but her managerial style don't really suit me/or the team. And i/we sink into depression thinking about the things she do or say to us =/ VP said its ok to surf net (she said she surfs the net too..). Why do i have to bother with what my mgr thinks? Truth be told, i still care about mgr's opinion of me. Business as usual, work gets done, efficiently and effectively. Why can't we rest? If your hobby is to work, why do we have to stay back to work with you? Thank you for grooming me, nurturing me..but i want to be happy even if it means working late.

Mgr bought me to Spinelli for coffee the day after she told me not to surf the net. Explaining why its not nice to surf the net in office..hell yeah its not nice. And she mentioned she can sense that im not really happy these days. I admit im bad at hiding my feelings, it shows on my face, all over in fact. I'm sorry i'm that expressive. Its hard to relate to people who cannot empathize.

It's rather complicated in the working world. Take what others say with a pinch of salt. Just do what you think is best. Bosses know if you're a keeper. I'm really thankful the VP cares about how i is not just all work.

Today, mgr spoke to me. I think she's beginning to ponder about some stuff. Thats good. We should all do some self-reflection. She was so patient. She taught me new stuff, explained a lot of reports to me. It's like she wanted my understanding in the way she thinks or acts. I felt her sincerity. She could have neglected me since she bug Giselle (the newest in the team) mostly. Finally she's spending some time with me. Haha. I'm happy with my day to day processing..but these days, i wanted to analyze more reports at work. Step out of my comfort zone..And she's offering me the chance now. So i shall cherish it. Afterall, its not easy being a mgr as well. I know. I really do.

We are only human.

So now, i'm gonna work on my relationship with mgr and be positive about working together. Things can actually be better (:

I'm considered a newbie in the financial industry, so much to learn and explore. Personal growth and achievement.....what exactly do i want. How do i figure out what is it i want?