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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Cosmetics Review

I am on 2 days of MC again. Hurray to that (:

Gonna write up on some reviews of the products i use. May be useful to my readers.
Photo credit to owners.

Ettusais White Body Mist:
i suffer from body outbreaks often and this product cleared up a fair bit of my acne prone skin. I spray it on after shower. I think it is mildly acidic.
Verdict-worth the investment

Vaseline Aloe Fresh Total Moisture:
this is applied on my skin immediately (everyday without fail) after shower. works best when pores are open and when skin is slightly moist.
Verdict-thumbs up

dr. Georgia Lee cleanser:
i was using the special cleanser from dermatologica previously but i got some allergic reaction to it. hence, i decided to invest in this product. it works as a make-up remover as well. milky formula and doesnt leave my skin feeling tight after cleansing.
Verdict-pricey, doesnt cure my dry complexion but by far, the best cleanser i have ever tried

dr. Georgia Lee moisturizer:
easily absorbed but still, not good enough for my dry and flaky skin.
Verdict-no difference from all the other moisturizers. i paid quite a lot for this product, branding?

SK-II Whitening Source Dermadefinition:
sadly, i dont know much about this product but i got the entire set, with the Pitera at some airport. It's suppose to illuminate skin and create uniform tone. i barely use it these days but i think i should start.
Verdict-to be confirmed at a later date

BIOSKIN Suncreen O2 Foundation:
no picture of this product but its the second step after applying my makeup base. SPF30 to shield the Sun and it is tinted.
Verdict-conceal skin imperfections yet offers UVA/UVB protection. for 30ml and function, i think its worth the price.

Le Blanc De Chanel:
this product is a primer, otherwise known as a makeup base. Makes foundation last longer, absolutely love the smell!
Verdict-i like! but i think i can do without it too.

YSL Everlong Mascara Waterproof:
by far, the best mascara alive. doesnt bleed and it lengthens my eyelashes beautifully without clumping. smells divine and the packaging is oh-so-glamorous!
Verdict-if you're going for the natural look, this is a winner. though i think the brush design could have been better. i bought mine at Thailand airport as it is not available in Singapore.

Ettusais Eye Zone Tinted Color Essence:
doesnt conceal much if you have panda eyes like me. though i use it religiously before leaving home as it moisturize the eye zone
Verdict-worth a shot but don't bet too much on this one

Origins No Puffery:
this cooling mask is so useless. nuff said.
Verdict-no go.

Chanel Rouge Allure (Imagination)
Love this lipstick. by far, the best one i've got.
Verdict-super worth it

Vaseline Lip Therapy:
Can't do without it. i've cracked lips on bad days and pale looking lips on every other day. This helps to 'oil' my lips for a long period of time and it heals fast too
Verdict-cheap and very effective. i apply this before slapping on a lipstick

Shu Uemura Purifier:
i use this to remove stubborn make up. doubles up as a cleanser and a make up remover.


I realized i've spent quite a bit on skin care and cosmetic products. Skin condition improved a lot with time but still not good enough. I should be investing in the anti-aging range soon. Cursed with bad complexion, facial can't help much. All those oxygen & acne treatment blah the end, boils down to my diet and sleeping habits.

Skin problems:

1) dehydration (so annoying, i can't put makeup in peace with my skin flaking all the time)
2) uneven skin tone
3) nasty eye bags
4) fine lines on my eye bags
5) pitted holes (shall try out Derma Roller this year)
6) white & black heads
7) acne scars (whitened over a long period of time though)

i wanna try this product some day. Their tagline caught my attention: one drop locks up the ocean. WAH, got so powerful a not. Maybe its the solution to my dry skin! Unfortunately, i think the manufacturers are not sincere about giving the free samples. Asked for a sample 3x over their website and none arrived though they said it has been mailed out. It's not that easy for a mail to be lost in Singapore. Unless the courier auntie or uncle stole my beauty product for their own pleasure?! A few other girls encountered similar problem (its all over Hada Labo's facebook page).