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Friday, April 01, 2011

Journey in Nomura

Yes, its official. My last day in Nomura (both NSL and NSS).
I hung on, especially the past 6 months, right after the 'promotion'.
Laughter, tears..I'm tired.

Decided to take a break before i fly off in 2 weeks time.
Looking forward to one month in Europe with baby sis (:

The farewell gift from my lovely colleagues.
Touched me a lot, not because it is from LV but i totally didn't expect it.
I'm just a really really small staff.

Thank you, WMD CoreOps (:

Friendships forged.
I started a Food for Thought mailing list, blasted it every morning.
I have good bosses looking out for me, seniors who helped me along the way.
It has been an awesome journey.

Nearly cried yesterday but i held my tears back. I know i have to go..
Till our paths cross again darlings..