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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yellow Yellow

Went to Juup Nails for manicure today.
Color: Bring on the Bling

There's something quite special about the bling..she coated with a gold layer before applying this color, just so that it'll last longer (:

Really happy with this color. I bought a bottle for Xingyu. Heard OPI stopped producing this color from the burlesque collection.
Not sure why but i was totally yellow-fied this afternoon.
Yellow tank top, yellow blackberry casing, mustard LV bag, yellow TWG carrier.
I look so silly, really.

Proenza Schouler. To die for.
The satchel is way too expensive, im thinking about the keep all.
It resembles the Mulbery but since i didnt manage to get the powder tweed last year, i stopped thinking about owning an Alexa.
Definitely on my list this trip.
Should i get the wallet/clutch instead? But i'm happy with my Miu Miu wallet. The Chanel wallet which i was using previously is damn chui now..i've thus decided not to destroy it further. *heartache

Advance birthday celebration for Mummy at Uncle Leong's (: