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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Documenting Europe 2011

And so its Europe 2x in a year: Summer 2010 and Spring 2011.
Spam of pictures ahead..
Majority's up on my FB account already but these moments captured mean a bit more to me (:

Gosh i do miss Europe.

York & Albany: best pork cheeks alive

4 seasons

Borough Market

At Venetia's place clowning around :b


Home-cooked dinner /Luke

Bicester Village: outlet shopping


Trout Inn

Paris Disneyland

Made a friend (:

Breakfast at PAUL

Getting more outlet shopping done! (:

Hollywood Tower: best ride in disneyland!

Paris: old street shopping

Seats facing outwards


Notre Dame

Best macaroons alive

2012 prep

We took Jane out on a 4 hours drive

Easter Graves Run

Home-cooked dinner /Luke&sis
Home-cooked dinner /Sis

Lake district: Quad biking

Hike up Mount Hellvelyn

Village in the Wood
Home-cooked meal /Luke

Home-cooked meal/Luke

Intercontinental Market

50 pence?!? so cheap i wanna dieeeee

Home-cooked meal /Luke

Home-cooked meal /Luke

Home-cooked meal /Luke&sis

Home-cooked dinner /Luke&sis


Home-cooked meal /Luke&sis

H&M fix every single day