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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Pan Pacific // X-Men

Caught X-Men with Chris today.
I guess the first official meeting went well..
We had common topics over lunch and coffee after movie, not much awkward or silent moments.

A bit nerve-wrecking but i told myself to go for this 'date' with an open mind.
Stepping out of my comfort zone has never been easy.

Committing it to God (:

Some random things on my mind:

1) I may be manifesting my own destiny a little too much, need to recalibrate my career expectation scale.

2) My blogshop: i think the day is near.

3) Looking foward to meeting my gynae for the very first time on Monday. I need a clean report.

4) Staycation at MBS on my birthday.

5) Get my name back on the registers, else can't vote in the next election.

Pan Pacific Food Testing.
Bonded over dinner.
Praise God it was a happy occasion.
I'm not getting married, my older sis is (:
They invited the best man because Luke's in UK and well, i havent found my man.

Wore my favourite maxi out that day with...a pair of white Havaianas. Cannot make it.