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Monday, July 04, 2011

A thousand dreams that would awake me, different colors made of tears

I shall bask in the days of my youth that are slipping away..

19 days to 25th
14 days to major house renovation/HDB upgrading
5 days to Baos returning home from Melbourne
20 days to Ven returning home from London
6 days to church 79th anniversary
6 days to Melly returning from USA
1 day to zoo trip
2 days to quad dinner with the girlies
3 days to the collection of my Tamron lens

Been looking at all-things-gold.
Finally a statement ring and heels after lotsa considerations (:

Its mid-2011 already and i managed to check off some new year resolutions i made at the beginning of this year. Next half will be spectacular.

Shopping for furniture and lightings. Really tiring.
July to mid-August will be crazy.
Looking forward to settling down fast after home renovation..

We did it again. LOL
I vote for this over Koi!

Hiding my Heart by Adele