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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Bridal Fitting

Today, we headed to the bridal shop for the fitting.
Must be one of the most exciting part of the pre-wedding journey.
Would like to take some time to pen down the memories the shared on this special day (:

The designer settled us down and we exchanged opinions on the type of photography, style, location and makeup we would like to achieve. Booked a photoshoot day. Typically 9am-6pm, we aim to cover the standard 4 locations in 4 attires and a few looks/hairdo.

Shall not put up any pics of the chosen gowns (:
Sinny is really good at figuring out what i want just by the few pics i've researched for her.
But i must also comment on the fact that my fiance really have an eye for what looks wow on me.
I tend to pick out the safe looking, typical bridal gowns.
Whereas he is quite the opposite.
I know he likes what is on me when he gives the nod of approval.
We didnt take too long (err...3 hours) before we confirmed the 4 pieces.
Variety of textures, styles, colors and "feel".

Sinny made sure the gowns were available on the photoshoot date before taking my measurements.
Scheduled a final fitting 2 days before the selected date to ensure everything's in place.

We left the bridal shop feeling really accomplished and blessed by their service and what God has already put in place for us (:

There will be no love between us without God, because God is love.


July shopping haul:


Too many gorgeous clothes. Everywhere!!

This camisole cost a whopping $129.
But it gives me nice boney shoulders i can't help but purchase it *swoon 

Should i get this white/mint colored debutante dress?
Excellent fabric and modest neckline.
Pardon the flip flops ><

Check out the tank top!
Totally me!!! Got excited and bought it although the price of $32 dont justify a translucent scallop lace top.

And to end off this post with snippets from Hans & Janice's wedding last weekend (:

July has got to be one of my most favorite month :b