MMS Friends

Friday, September 20, 2013


Things we do when we are together:

1) explore parks
2) dine at Jamie's
3) dim sum after shopping
4) read a book and have afternoon tea at Joe & Dough
5) say grace and remove all the garnishes on our raw fish :b

Dropped by Sinpopo after grooming at Joo Chiat road.
Love the oldish concept of the shop!
We ordered D 24 ice kacang and it was yummeh (:
Featuring the Innitbangkok top that Justina got me for my birthday.
Love the pleats and feminine curls, chic!

Hope to share more photos once its edited (:
Such a wonderful experience with our Korean photographer Eric on Wednesday at our outdoor pre-wedding shoot.
We are thankful for good traffic, good communication, good relationship with photographer/MUA, good friends (Faith & Yan Xin), good weather, Grace & Rick who graciously lend us their MPV for the day..

God is faithful always.