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Thursday, March 05, 2015

CNY 2015

As the year goes by, CNY is no longer as exciting or grand as it was when we were kids.
I don't really like to socialise anymore.
I rather just not talk to anyone.
It gets awkward, why huh!!
This year we got to bless our elders and lil kids with red packets, thats the only change.
We stopped visiting a whole lot of relatives.

If there's one thing i'm thankful for, thats relationship with the people God placed in our lives.
Choice; Cherish.

We celebrated our 1st year wedding anniversary at Mikuni last weekend.
It was magical, we sat through a quiet, peaceful dinner.
That, i'm thankful for (:
May His love continue to manifest through our marriage and may we be used for His greater glory.
Love you baby <3>