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Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Struggle is Real

I dont understand why my gag reflex is so strong when it comes to taking medication.
Downing 4 pills daily is taking a toll on me. Especially the iron and progesterone pill. I can't keep it down!
I have to constantly psycho myself: "I CAN DO IT", stare at the pill for a few minutes before finding the courage to swallow them one at a time.


Next week is my 12th week!
I am still gagging, but the puking frequently has decreased.
Perhaps i can finally enjoy my pregnancy journey soon (:
Appetite hasn't come back yet, but i still have my meals on time or in many small batches so i don't starve the growing baby.  I do hope to see an increase in weight next Monday.

Please go easy on me baby xoxo

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