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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

week 17: Don't get me started

It's so hard not to get too carried away with all the adorable baby paraphernalia out there!
I shall strive harder to be a more responsible and sensible Mummy haha

Recently discovered Privi-Kids and so i bought buttercup her first pair of socks.
Of course it won't be till 2016/2017 till she can wear it, still!!!!

Then i got distracted and went on buying a Jellycat bear for myself, i cannot resist his podgy tummy!! He is incredibly soft and fluffy (:

I have a box of new Carter's clothing waiting to welcome her and also JamieKay's cot blanket.

Oh i got the Solly Baby Wrap too!!!!
Legit buy, this one.

We obviously have no idea what's her gender (so i try to be as neutral as possible) but it doesn't even matter :D
I know we still have an essentials list to buy before all these should come in, so the shopping shall stop here till the gender reveal. Looking forward to Mummy's Market on the 9th Oct!

Be kind to each other, peace out!

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