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Monday, October 19, 2015

week 21: detailed scan at Mount Alvernia

FA scan with our radiologist went really well this morning (:
The free shuttle bus ride from Bishan took a grand total of 8mins only.

The purpose of a Fetal Anomaly Scan is to check on the physical development of the fetus as well as structural abnormalities.

Registration was quick and soon we were led into the room.
The 2D scan started with measuring the baby's head, pointing out the orbits of baby's eyes, upper/lower lips, nose.
She's moved on to the torso, pointed out baby's heart with 4 valves, measured heartbeat 152bpm, confirmed 2 kidneys were presented, some line separating the abdomen and organs, baby's bladder which is almost full. She commented baby was about to pass urine.

We saw the baby's legs, feet and toes which was extremely cute!! She counted the 10 fingers for us; but at one point the baby was sucking the thumb so we waited. I was smiling myself silly by then.
Spine photos were carefully taken, from neck till tailbone. Followed by the search for baby's ears and genitals which took the longest.

At this point the baby was kicking me and moving around a lot so she had to freeze certain frames to measure or count. My placenta is in the right place (5.8cm away from cervix), she pointed out the umbilical cord and amniotic fluid. Baby weighs about 340g as of 20 weeks 4 days. Everything is going well and we cannot be more thankful for His goodness.

Scan was over in 45mins and this is honestly one of the best 45mins in the pregnancy!
Thank God for answering all our prayers and also for giving us a glimpse of what is about to come in another 19 weeks time (:

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