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Monday, December 28, 2015

week 31: Taobao shopping

Christmas was awesome!
So much love from our family and friends (:

I promised to share some of my TB loots so check out what i got!

First up, the most expensive purchase of the lot: a rotating baby mobile for buttercup's crib
Isn't this the cutest ever?
I opted for 36 tunes so that explains the price. Worth it in my opinion.

I got a mattress sheet, jellycat fabric books and some random pink party straws for her full moon.
Below are some clothings i got for her, which is too big.
She may fit into them at 12-18 months, superb quality!

And i got this wooden cake stand for my baby shower next month.
Just need my cake to be THAT Instagram worthy haha

Oh I love you Taobao!

Sharing some items my sister got for buttercup from London's The Little White Company.

I think she's got sufficient clothings to last her till 24 months.
My belly has been really itchy (and dry) lately, she must be growing.
I have been eating well and sleeping better these days too.
Thankful there are no complications and everything has been smooth.
Will update again next Monday after my 32th week checkup, wondering if my swab test went well.

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