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Friday, January 15, 2016

Baby World Fair 2016 & Antenatal Lesson 5: breastfeeding

Well, i didn't make it for the Mothercare sales because i decided the discount wouldn't be worth the queuing time. Plus, many mummies were complaining about it. Lack of restock, lack of organisation, 4 hours queue time and then another 1 hour queue to pay etc.

So we headed for expo today and much to my surprise, they cleared the goodie bags queue within 15mins. Everything was organised and timely, the way most of us would appreciate. Thumbs up organisers!

In the goodie bag, there were Mustela baby samples, Medela cream, Huggies diaper, javalocks, Dr Brown milk bottle, a full pack of korean wet wipes and some other knick-knacks. Super happy with those (:

I got Nuk detergent/refill because i am so in love with the scent, more detergent and bottle cleansers from K-mom, Cloversoft organic wet wipes 6 packs for $18, a cool-me towel $5, Annee Matthew nursing bras 2 for $39.90, Moo Moo Kow swim diaper $10, bamboo wash cloths 12 for $35 and Mustela firming gel $35 in preparation for postpartum recovery.

The important stuffs like breast pump, steriliser, newborn diapers, cot, stroller were purchased last October during Mummy's Market.
Video link to my huge haul here.

Also, i got Freshly Picked baby moccasins and H&M baby socks this week simply because i have to! Its too cute!!

How can anyone resist those :b

Having said that, i am really really thankful Marcus have not once questioned my purchases and he willingly paid for everything. Everything meaning baby stuffs, shopping, gynae visits and delivery/hospital fees etc. Never once did he pressurised me to return to the finance industry but he always gently encourage me to take Oat To Joy further. Even when i can't do deliveries, meet customers or replenish my baking supplies, he does it on my behalf, on top of his own work.

His money is hard-earned and we have survived well beyond a single family income the last 1.5 years. I married a responsible man who loves God. What else do I lack? Nothing. My heart is full. Help me to love this man more (:

I am thankful for His provision in this season of surrendering and just committing everything we care to Him. He hears, He answers in His own perfect timing, according to His will.


I am currently in week 33, i don't see any signs of water retention. Praise the Lord!
If anything, i am seeing more veins on my hands and feet.
Pregnancy has been smooth sailing so far. I don't have to worry about GD or being anaemic.
Started packing my hospital bag, making space for baby cot in my room.
Just been nesting a lot.

Today during antenatal class, we learnt about breastfeeding.
Position, posture, persevere.
Informative i must say. Gonna invest in some cabbage for standby.

Next Friday will be our final lesson; baby care.

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