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Friday, March 04, 2016

3 weeks Post Partum: baby wearing

I have tried a variety, namely:

1) sollybabywrap
2) je porte mon bebe
3) tula infant

Love this wrap; its stretchy and material is great for our warm climate.
Audria likes it in there too.
Its easy to tie and wear but i find it hard to nurse her inside because she lies down for a feed.
You can get yours here.

This ring sling is another great option.
My husband loves wearing her in it.
Material is great for our climate too and Audria sleeps well in it when we bring her out.
Only downside is your shoulder might ache over long hours.
If you want something to even out the weight, i suggest the sollybabywrap or get a baby carrier.
Then again, it might give you backache over time.
It differs from person to person.

For the Tula, she is too small to be using it, so i will review this sometime down the road (:


The Woombie true air has been a lifesaver.
No need to swaddle and wrap her after each diaper change.
Sometimes it wakes her up from a deep sleep and you know..never wake the sleeping monster.
We got ours at 2 for $70 during the baby fair.
Size 0-3 fits slightly large on her.

Below are some essentials we use on her during each change/shower.

Am particularly liking the Mustela Barrier Cream.
So far no rash, we only use Huggies Ultra on her. My mum keeps telling me to cloth diaper her. Hello, who's gonna do laundry for me?
Sometimes we give her "air time" in between each diaper change.

Been researching on some bottle warmers and baby food blender.
For the later stages when i wean her.

Have shortlisted these 2.
The Kiinde cost about $99 and the Philips Avent baby food maker 4-in-1 is about $199.
Hope to get these during the baby fair on 29th April.

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