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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Audria turned One

I thought it would be nice to share some of the good gifts we received from Audria's One Year Old party.

And so, it has been 1 year of parenthood, being a SAHM is challenging but i will leave those emotions to another post.

Our theme was rustic woodland.
Audria's favourite book is "Brown bear, brown bear what do you see?".

Daddy spent a lot of time and effort cooking meesua for her (:

Amongst the many gifts we received, these 3 gifts stood out the most.
Not to say, angbao is always the most practical, and something we appreciate for blessing.

This set was given by the Wolfs.
What an amazing item to add to our diaper bag!
We can store fruits, dry snacks inside, or use it as a bowl for her congee/rice.
We love it!
She is a mother of 3 kids so, an experienced mother REALLY knows her stuff (:

This leapfrog picnic basket is gifted by Adela.
Perfect choice for a 1 year old (gross motor development they call it)!
She loves pretend-play (feeding me etc) and taking items out of basket/putting them back.

The e-book is gifted by Tirene.
Audria loves her books and flipping the pages.
Its interactive, definitely tickles her when she flips the pages.

Adela and Tirene are both mummies so they picked up suitable gifts (:
That, I'm thankful.

I will be very honest.
Some gifts are not suitable, and i feared receiving "useless" toys so i asked politely for my guests to refrain from giving Audria toys.
It will be nice for us (parents) to do the shopping instead and pick according to Audria's development.
Books we do welcome.
And just to share, Audria's 2nd favourite book is "Freddie the Frog" (gifted by Jenalyn ).
I shan't spoil the book content, do check it out!

Thankful for those who made it for her party.
Our hearts are full!