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Saturday, February 18, 2017

MMR and Pneumococcal immunisation

Fever on the 3rd day.
Poor baby.
She does get lethargic and lack of appetite during this period.

We stocked up on fever patches and this KOOLFEVER cushion gel pillow at Hougang Polyclinic.
Super useful!
She sleeps on it so i don't have to sponge her through the night.
Just have check on her temperature every 3 hourly.

MMR fever is usually delayed.
Comes on after 5-10 days from day of jab.
So for the 1 year appointment, they jab left arm for MMR and left thigh for pneumococcal.
The left thigh jab is slightly more uncomfortable and "painful" for the baby due to the fluid that goes into their bloodstream.
$150 for the pneumococcal jab is payable through medisave.
Hope this information helps new mummies!

Next appointment in 3 months time; 15 month assessment.

Feel better soon baby.