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Monday, November 21, 2005

Bioskin, my love!

I'm every sales person's nightmare!!! *Rah*
I've bags of purchases all over my room. Yet I'm still shopping EVERYDAY!!!

Meeting Christie Stubbins at habourfront tmr morning. Finally get to see her after 4 years or so. Very excited!! Wonder how my Aussie babe looks like now! Haha.

DoubleO this Thursday??? So far my Zouk colleagues, Christie and LSE babes coming. Party with me before exams start, please.

Darn, with regards to the upcomin examination, bless me. Focus!!!

Let's get wild, down and dirty (:

Angel -> where got earn a lot?? Haha, i sacrifice my sleep to get the money babe! But its fun it there!! Come to Zouk!!

Shuyun -> I want to pig out with ya!! Haha..Sentosa off figure then we go chinatown put on weight. Muahaha..