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Thursday, May 03, 2018

Review 2: Mulberry Learning Centre @ Marymount

After 5 months in Mulberry, i witnessed how much Audria have matured.

She enjoys her time in school; the teachers give unanimous feedback that she is a cheerful and obedient girl. She eats well, plays well with her friends and is enthusiastic when it comes to learning or singing.

Simple things like crossing her leg, hands on lap, giving me full attention when i read to her or pass her an instruction, i really reap the benefits of sending her to school. Keeping her toys, packing her bag, putting her shoes away nicely, using indoor voice when necessary are basic EQ kids pick up along the years. But im proud she has learnt it well and fast through her days in school.

As per all schools, they encourage self feeding.
They complimented that Audria feeds herself very well.
But i tell you, its a disaster at home ok!! Don't say

By 26 months, she is able to differentiate left and right, recognise colours, days of the week, fruits, vegetables, vehicles, sounds, animals, 1-10, A-Z. All the stuff that kids will eventually come to know. I am learning to take the chill pill when it comes to education. Learning through play at this stage is more important to me. Biblical teachings, good habits, good mindset is top priority.

Ok please Audria, brush up on your mandarin. Don't end up like Mummy. Now i gotta learn some words from her chinese teacher too. Haha. Lets learn together baby.

I am only contemplating on ballet and Berries class when she turns 3.
Music, swim, can come later?
Or maybe send her back to Heguru since she enjoyed it so much.
But one thing for sure, all these supplementary classes must be conducted during school hours. I don't want to spam her with classes on weekends and/or after weekdays 5pm.
Rise when the sun rises, sleep when the sun sets.

Back to topic.

Library trips, excursions, holiday programs, musical, i sign her up for all.
The time with her teachers and friends is something i cannot offer even if the activity is the same.
I can bring her for library trip myself, save the $8 per school trip. But the experience is different, you know what i mean?

Ok, lessons wise, i think the school is doing a great job at putting Habits of the Mind into practice. No doubt.
Food menu, i see from frozen food (aka mantou) offered during breakfast. I try not to get too worked up. Mind you, Audria have yet to go McDonalds. Haha. We offer table food when she turned 2, but im still selective. Depends la.

She picked up some singlish at school. I am not ok with that so i raised my concerns with the Jane and the teachers. They are working on it right now.
I speak singlish, but definitely not to her.

Speaking of which, i have been to 1 Parent Teacher Session in April.
We chat on Audria's progress and they addressed my concerns etc.
I mean we can check with the teachers after school if we have questions or want to find out more about the kid's progress or mood or whatever. But PTS was a little more detailed.

I like her PN teachers.
I think they are really good and Audria is very blessed to have them.

They did mess up a couple of times. What, you may ask?

-forget to return her water bottle at day end
-forget to return me her milk container
-mix up her uniform with some other kiddo
-squeezed 2 legs into 1 pants opening, resulting in bruises, scratches
-wore her diaper front to back, back to front, resulting in rash outbreak
-full diaper, never change, resulted in accidents during her journey home
-soiled diaper, they didn't realise. so i brought her home with poop all over my arms
-missing information on student contact book
-administration delays and incompetency

And so i told Jane (the principal) some blunders shouldn't even be made.
I don't want to sound like a complacent parent, a trouble maker.
But hey, we pay $1xxx. Its x2 or x3 of other childcare.
With that, i have certain expectations.
They are a reputable school, thats 1. And it also reflects how they problem solve.
If they keep brushing it off or try to find excuses to "protect" their staff, then i guess when i reach my tolerance level, BUBYE Mulberry.

But otherwise, on average days, everyone is courteous and polite to each other.
Thats when they do their freaking job.
Yes, end of rant.

Sometimes they text me when they spot a bruise, which is something commendable because i don't check on her every time she falls down. Sometimes bruise takes a few hours or days to show up.

But honestly after 5 months, would i recommend particularly this centre, NO.
Go elsewhere, try other branch. They are good, but they are also not good.
Nothing special i feel, and i think with the teacher-student ratio, they have overlooked on way too many things. So little kids already, still make so many blunders.

What are your thoughts?
Am i too picky?
Write to me (:

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Where do I start?

My heart aches.

For my FiL:
His kidney is functioning at 18%; heart problem is causing his kidneys to fail.
Don’t think he is taking his medicines regularly and he seems to be drinking quite heavily still. The bottle we bought last wed for him is emptied out by today. He told us he will drink a little each day but it seems like everyone’s perception of quantity is different. It will be his final bottle from us. I’m sorry Dad, we cannot do this anymore.
Last week, we tried evangelizing to him.
I tried speaking in Mandarin and nearly cried telling him how much Jesus loves him.
Today, I saw him lying in bed, feeling uncomfortable. His room was dark, the house was quiet. He laid there motionless. I asked Marcus, what can we do for him? My heart aches for a father I never felt connected with.

For my Dadee:
MRI done, scope done, biopsy results out.
In and out of TTSH and ICU the last 2 months.
There is an urgency to get him saved, to introduce him to a good Father, to receiving this joy he never once felt. Still, he is not ready or comfortable with the idea of converting. You see, we are not just looking at him being converted. But to a whole new relationship with the one true God and having eternal life. He asked for medical miracles, but we know better than to put God to the test. Blessed are those who didn’t see, yet believed. We can only pray at a trying time like this. How much time does my Dadee have? 1 month? 3 months? We don’t know. What can we do for him?
Spend more time with him. Reflect God’s love.

It’s only the 2nd day of 2018 and here I am weeping on bus 7.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Review 1: Mulberry Learning Centre @ Marymount

This entry is based on my personal opinion and not sponsored.

Mulberry Learning Centre at 38 Jalan Pemimpin #01-05/06, Singapore

Having visit the OUE branch and this at Marymount, we decided to transfer Audria over.
1) its nearer our home
2) there is an outdoor play area
3) school fees are lower due to the smaller sq ft.

At 22 months, she will have her first taste of what school life is like.
I think i have equipped her well from our time together.
She is a bright and intelligent girl (:

Let's get straight to a general outlook of the space.

Entrance is nice and bright with faces of students on their computer for fever logbook and pigeon holes for shoes etc.
Their time table and menu is pinned up nicely too.
Outdoor area not 100% completed but there will be some sand/water play too.
Its a little sunny in my opinion but beats no outdoor area.

OUE's play area is completely indoors, air-conditioned.
Germs, bacteria breeding ground, if you don't mind.

Once you enter the studio space, you will see this huge glasshouse. Thats the chinese literacy space. Audria loves the hand puppets there.

On the right is where Audria will be spending most of her time.
Playing and exploring in this bright open space.
Mulberry focuses on Habits of the Mind.
Personally, i want Audria to learn through play.
Thus, the primary reason why we signed her up in this school.

The other studio spaces for craft, cooking, baking, eating and reading.
Audria is particularly excited about the reading corner.
I hope the books survive her flipping (:

As of now, the school have yet to onboard that many kids. So the children sleeps in the darker studios during nap time. "Beds" are provided but you have to bring your own bedsheets or blanket. No extra money required to purchase a bed.

Uniform wise, we got 2 sets for free. Registration fee was waived as we signed up during their open house. The process is pretty straight forward. Take your forms, fill them in and submit another day. If you require transportation to and fro your home, its additional $200+. Not sure if we want to do that yet; will monitor her progress and how quickly she settles in the new environment.

My only concern is with the bathroom. Sorry i don't have photos as i was too shock to take a picture.
Its very cramp. They have to shower in pairs or groups. Girls in theirs, boys in theirs.
I cannot deal with the idea.
Someone enlighten me if its ok?

Prayer requests:

1) attentive and loving teachers
2) for Audria to settle well from 1 December
3) curious mind and heart to learn/explore
4) protection from bacteria, viruses, germs, knocks and falls
5) minimal separation anxiety for me and Audria

Have a feeling i am going to miss my baby girl so much.
It frees up my time to do more things i love or didn't have time to do.
But we know that this is beneficial and she will learn so much more through play.
If she doesn't like it, we will just take her out. But likely, she will settle in beautifully (:
Because Audria is a brave warrior of the most high and no amount of tears will stop her from going to school to have fun.
You can do it, Audria!

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Monday, July 17, 2017

North East Mummies Busy Bag Exchange

7 mummies from NE gathered earlier this month to exchange busy bag for our Feb 2016 toddlers.

We have a variety of games:

1. color match
2. mummy and baby animals
3. animal match
4. magnetic fishing game
5. counting numbers
6. shoe lace threading
7. sensory tugging pack
8. match alphabet letter to item

This was what i made:

What an interesting experience!
Hoping to organise another one next year when our bubs turn 2 (:
Thank you all Mummies for your talent, effort and time!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Review: Mulberry Learning Centre @ Shenton Way

This is a personal, non-advertorial review on the latest branch at OUE downtown gallery, Shenton Way.


View of the indoor sand playground, log house, slide, track and water play

Children toilet

Reading area (coincidentally also Audria's fav activity)

Pre-nursery classroom (Where Audria will be at, mostly for 18-24 months toddlers)

Waiting area at the entrance (already making herself at home haha)

We asked some questions during the school tour.
There were still in the midst of renovation and setting up (i see teachers decorating the space).
We couldnt quite get the full glory of the space, so we will be back once they are officially opened.

Basically for full day child care (7am-7pm), the kids have an extensive monthly meal plan (Menu A,B,C,D) cooked by Mulberry's in-house kitchen.
An area to sleep in (we provide bedsheets and they will provide the rest).
And also activities to engage them. Only the older kids get to go for outdoor excursions. Audria will be confined to this centre as long as she is below 2.
Since it is fully air-conditioned, i am slightly concerned by the spread of HFMD and all the other viruses lurking around.

Environment wise, its really very conducive and the kids have lots of things to do/play.
They even have a baking/cooking studio!
If I'm a kid, yes please, bring me to this school.

The infants are confined to the infant area. They will not be mixing around with the older children as their immunity is still not as robust. They do have a spa room for baby massages etc.

Once enrolled, the child is required to buy a set of uniform $26+.
A starter kit which comprise of a backpack, laundry bag and some other random knacknicks $30+.
Insurance, of course.
I dont remember the exact figure but plus minus, for pre-nursery, we are looking at a monthly figure of $2000. This excludes working mum subsidy.

Premium price, premium expectations? (:

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