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Monday, July 29, 2019

Baby 2 - week 25

First trimester, first appointment i was 46.3kg,
Second trimester at 23 weeks, i am 48.9kg.
I am visiting my OBGYN once a month for routine checkup and will be doing my GD test next week at week 26.

Last weekend, we went for Thomson Medical Centre Food Confinement event.
It is a free food tasting session but you have to register here.
It's about SGD1900 after adding in pig trotters as a "specials".
Food was served pipping hot so it was really yummy.
Upon sign up, you get a free goodie bag as well. Quite impressive!

Back in 2016, i was with The Natal Kitchen but now i feel TMC makes the most sense in terms of their diet and meal planning. The Natal Kitchen may be $300 cheaper but pros and cons. These days you also have the option of Tian Wei, which is heavy on social media marketing and using influencers. Prices are competitive but do your due diligence (:

TMC offers special prices if you intend to deliver there. Their food comes in tingkat and food warmers so it beats having them served in microwave containers like other caterers (i dont like the idea of wasting too many plastic containers anyways).

I dont want to mess with food and recovery because its my second child and my body just need more nourishment to recover faster. Age matters too. If im 25, i will probably heck it. Haha but now i really believe in taking care of my body and not letting wind/air go into it after labor. For the sake of myself and my family, im willing to eat better. So this time, we top up $150 for pig trotters (:

Hope to share more about my GD test and results next week!