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Monday, September 16, 2019

Baby 2 - week 32

From week 30 onwards, its recommended to meet Dr Poon once every fortnightly.
Good to check if your amniotic fluid is at the right level, if baby's heartbeat is strong, baby's weight and skull/stomach measurements are doing ok. Really shows a lot of other factors like if your placenta is still doing well at supplying blood and oxygen to the fetus.
We didnt take up the pre-natal package this time but it cost SGD1200+ for 10 sessions (from week 15-week 40 only) excluding supplements if you are interested.

Confirming the hospital is also necessary by week 30.
We chose Mount A though we are impressed with Mount E Novena during the maternity visit.
Just in case of complications during labor, we want to keep the charges affordable.
Will be good if i can get St Jude ward this time too (:

Sharing more about the anomaly scan we did at Mount E Novena.
Waiting time was close to 2 hours and the scan was done in less in 40 mins.
Seems like baby boy is right about the average size at 20 weeks.
Remember to clear your bladder before the scan. I had to clear mine halfway cause she said its too full and its better empty.
They return the results to clinic or you can wait for 10 mins and they will pass it to you.
We had a few cute ultrasound photos from the scan hehe.
Glad all's well!

Right about at week 26, we opted for GD test at Dr Poon.
It cost SGD35 and takes 3 hours.
If he doesn't call you back after 3 working days, you are likely safe (:
Well, i kinda like the sugar drink the staff prepared.
Some hate it.
Super hungry after fasting the entire night, beggars cannot be choosers.

Here's a breakdown on what to expect during the 3 hours test.
10am: first blood test without food
11am: second blood drawn (you can see the spike in my reading but still under control. Maybe my body is used to breaking down sugar?)
12pm: final blood drawn (my reading went down, sugar broken down and Mama here was hungry for some food haha)

Sore and bruised arms on the injection site after the test.
I am just a little hyper sensitive to having my blood drawn and i hate needles!
Glad all's well too!!

At week 32, baby boy is about 1.9kg and im 52.9kg.
I have put on 6.6kg. My belly is already looking super taut and sleeping comfortably is impossible.
I will be contented if baby boy is delivered between 2.5-2.8kg.
Please be ready to meet your parents and little sister Audria at week 37-38.
We cant wait!