MMS Friends

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Deep breath, count to 10

Father Flanagan's was cool last night. Other then the roach incident. *curses*

Thought Hide-Out was rather boring. Chinatown's good though. =) Food!!

Again, I can't recall havin a decent conversation with you. Haha. Hope u like the lomo, card and cake.

Why must boyfriends cheat on their girlfriends?

I also dont know. I'm in no position (at all) to make any extreme comments.

I might be on rebound. Stay clear. Why am i like that. Issues!

Anyway, got to know this damn hot gorgeous delicious cute guy. *curses*

Should've worked last night. Zouk!!! Tryin so damn hard to save, stop making me spend!

Caught SAW II this evening. Loved it. *grins*

Everyone have their christmas list written, except mine's not out yet. Guess giving me cash would be most appropriate. Haha.

I need some space.